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Paying the wages

Savita could only murmur whimpered cries as he picked up pace and fucked her like a bitch. Her ass slammed against his ball sack every time he pumped in. No one was coming to save her from being this penetrated brutally. She had signed up for it all when she signed their document. This was reminded to her every time he slammed his cock inside her. With each pump Ramesh became more aggressive as he kissed her her slender milky neck thirstily and fondled her breasts rougly. With each thust her hair flew forward, her cries became more pronounced and her breasts jiggled, if they were not already being mauled by his rough hands. At last Ramesh groaned loudly and before she could whimper out a cry to not cum inside her pussy, he slammed inside herarching his back with his strained his hips forward with every spray of his cum, depositing load after load of his cum. He kept ramming her until the last drop of cum was inside her. Giving a spank on her round ass he withdrew and let her crumble to the ground in a mess of sex fluids and sweat while he went on to gather his friends. After Ramesh had thoroughly fucked her, she picked herself up and and prepared and served the dinner to the men. She was only allowed to wear a see through nightie without any panties. The men roamed around only in their shorts as they did not want to trouble themselves with the hassle of taking of their clothes just to fuck a slut whom they owned . They casually slipped a finger or two in her pussy or grabbed her by the tits, sending down shivers between her legs whenever she was serving the food on their plate. When the men decided to call it a day they simply picked her up and threw her on the king sized bed and lay down,keeping the warm vixen body of the bought slut between them. Savita already felt used up and broken after the pounding that she had received from Ramesh and the rough grabs of the three men that she had endured throughout the evening that she couldn’t even plead with the man to stop as they circled around her on the bed, their hands roaming through her naked thighs, her arms and pinching her dark nipples roughly as they responded to the manhandling and started straightening. The see through nightie was useless as she was practically naked. Their hands started roaming from her thighs to her pussy teasing her as they brushed past it. And even when she didn’t want to she was slowly responding as their fingers slipped inside her slippery hole from time to time making her wriggle as the men slowly started entangling their body around her poking her with their erections through their shorts.She closed her eyes in ecstasy. And before she knew it the men had dispensed of their shorts letting their well endowed tools hang in mid air threateningly. She only came to her senses when she was picked up and her nightie slipped off from her shoulders and before she knew it, she was facing Ramesh with her face screwed as he lay on his back while holding her in mid air with his hands around her waist, slowly lowering her on his erect cock. Savita bit her lips to supress a moan as the huge purple head of his cock parted her pussy lips. This time Savita could barely suppress herself as her wet pussy muscle made itself comfortable around his rod and the cock slid smoothly inside her,till the hilt, the ball sac resting below her ass. Savita felt a shivering sensation as she was glided up and down by Ramesh while Bhuwan, the second man, slowly started gliding his finger in her ass. This time Savita let out a moan and felt ashamed about it as her ears burned red with shame. As if getting a signal, Ramesh suddenly stopped gliding his cock inside her and plunging it in till the hilt just grabbed her, tightly wrapping his hands around her waist pulling her closer her soft tits smashed in between her and his broad chest as her dark silky hair fell forward loosely in front of her face, temporarily blocking her eyesight as her ass hung in midair. Drops of sweat marked her body like glistening crystals as both of her slender thighs were placed on either side of Ramesh’smuscular ribs and her hands placed on his shoulders for support. She stayed in that position as his pulsating monster lay buried deep in her and the sweat from both their bodies mixed into one. She couldn’t help but breathe deeply as Ramesh nibbled her ear lobes and Bhuwan applied something slimey, slippery stuff in her asshole. Coming out of her ecstatic stupor she was brought back to reality when Bhuwan penetrated his well lubed cock in her ass which hung in mid air temptingly. She had no idea where he had put so much lube from. Maybe it was just his spit but she didn’t care resisted and wriggled her petite body trying to stop Bhuwan’s large cock from stretching her ass. The more she struggled the more deeply Bhuwan’s cock slithered inside her ass. When she opened her mouth wide to scream as her asshole was stretched beyond its limit as her anal muscles gripped Bhuwan’s cock tightly; Kapil, the third man who was meanwhile just watching the fun, was ready with his cock and pushed it in her mouth. ‘Bitch, you bite me, you are dead’, he warned, staring at her with his cold eyes. She could do nothing but give out muffled cries as she faced the onslaughts of the three massive cocks. The smell of man musk was strong as her face was buried on Kapil’s cock. Clearly he had no notions of personal hygiene as a strong odor hit her. He grabbed her lose hair roughly and pushed her head forward making her deepthroat him as he stretched her throat to the limit. The salty taste of his unclean cock and the odor from his balls was enough to make her choke, but she was gagging on his cock which throated her brutally. The three of them mercilessly fucked her holes throughout the night. She had never been so full inside as they continued to pump inside her. The cocks were touching places unexplored before as her breasts were fondled, her pussy lips fingered and her asshole played with. Soon she started moaning and then just went along with the flow, setting into the humping rhythm as her ass adjusted to Bhuwan’s cock, her mouth gurgling as Kapil throated her, spit and precum, starting to roll down to her breasts in sticky droplets. She felt ecstatic as well as dirty at the same time moaning and humping against their bodies, flesh against flesh as she was being used to satisfy the testosterone fueled rage of these dirty strangers meanwhile satisfying her own deep dark body requirements in the process. Her hands strained to push away her body from Ramesh’s chest but the fire between her thighs made her push more harder towards the pulsating cocks instead, as they filled her pussy and her ass;hot slapping sounds made by their balls against her sweet ass every time they thrust in. Kapil was quick and was the first one to cum who depositedspray after spray of his cum in her mouth, some of it hitting her in the face and her tits. As soon as he finished with her, Savita’s body suddenly gave up. Before she could swallow the salty molten liquid from Kapil’s cock her whole body started quivering and she screamed as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her, shaking her body uncontrollably. Her heart beat madly against her bosom as her her mind went blank and the cum from her mouth just drooled down on Ramesh’s chest as her limp body shook from the thrusts of the tormentors of her ass and wet pussy; the thrusts and pumps making squelching sounds. But no rest was in store for Savita as Bhuwan grabbed her hair from behind, making her arch her back, protruding her tits out proudly for all to see as she fumbled for balance with Ramesh’s hands still encircled around her slim waist. She clearly looked the picture of a bitch owned by her masters as she now cried and moaned with their thrusts and begged for more, as pleasure engulfed the humiliation and pain that she had earlier experienced. They picked up their pace once again as she neared orgasm and her eyes fluttered and her body starting shaking. Bhuwan could not hold on much longer as Savita’s tight anal muscles milked his cock, his cum boiling in his balls. His body wanted release, but he did not.He wanted to keep fucking this bitch senseless until he destroyed her ass. Making one last violent thrust as his hip muscles clenchedinvoluntarily, he deposited his load too, in her ass with a loud groan. As he withdrew his cock with a plop, Savita dropped on Ramesh’s chest like a rag doll as soon as Bhuwan let go of her hair. Drops of his cum trickled down her outstretched ass as Ramesh went on fucking her passionately with the vigorous movements of his pelvic region, clearly establishing his experience in reducing many women to his personal cum sluts. When she couldn’t take it much longer, she just gave in biting her lips to no avail as she screamed in pure ecstasy as her orgasm ended with her squirting on Ramesh’s cock as her creamy pussy juices flowed down to his balls turning his pubic hair in a wet mess. Her hair was a tangled mess and so was her face as Ramesh made her lick clean his chest by shoving her face on the mess she had made when she had climaxed in the midst of swallowing Kapil’s cum, letting it all drool down in large globules. Ramesh was the last to cum but did not pull his dick out from her raw fucked pussy. All were tired after the first phase of their deal and all of them drifted off to sleep in the way they fell after their orgasms. Savita for her own part was so fucked out of her senses that she was unaware of Ramesh’s limp cock in her pussy and his finger in her ass as she fell asleep upon Ramesh’s chest still in the position that she had climaxed in, dried cum and slob sticking to her hair and her face as cum leaked out of her ass and her used pussy.She didn’t mind as she slept tangled to this burly brute, his unshaven face between her soft sensitive tits and his one hand hand still encircled her waist ; the alpha male of his group and the owner of her ass. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Hi there, Thanks for reading my story.This is my first publication so please feel free to express yourselves in the comments section below. Your valuable input will help me in improving my work and will encourage me to write more.